A better life for all is what the DA delivers

The Western Cape is working – and this is because the DA cares about all its citizens and works for a better life for all.

da run kouga

“The Western Cape is a place where the DA government cut the perks and privileges of politicians. Where the cost of ministerial vehicles was slashed in half, where blue light brigades were banned and economy class flights are the norm.

“It is a place where over two thirds of the City of Cape Town’s budget is spent in poor communities, and where the poor receive the most generous package of free water and electricity in the entire country,” said Mmusi Maimane.

The DA highlighted the Western Cape as the province with the strongest governance audit outcomes, and the place where fewer people are unemployed.

“It is a place where getting the basics right pays dividends. Where the matric pass rate improved last year to 84.7% – the highest in South Africa – while the pass rates in every other province declined,” Maimane said.

“It is a place where the pass rate in schools in the most impoverished areas increased from 57% under the ANC to 73% under the DA,” he said.

Its time for change in Kouga. Vote for a better life for all.


One Response to “A better life for all is what the DA delivers”

  1. Hendre van der Westhuizen Says:

    Dear DA
    I’m trying to make sense of our present municipality … referring in particular to the planning department Voortekker street in Humansdorp.
    Do yourself a favor and visit their filing room its absolute chaos!!!! Files are stacked a meter high on the floor with NO clear system in place, building plans go missing for weeks on end and absurd excuses that Erf numbers in Jeffreys Bay have changed and they can’t find it. Plans take months for approval and considering the unemployment in our Kouga this has become a major problem.
    Cash flow into the area is also slow and also contributing to unemployment and as we know leads to crime which has become a major problem in our area!
    Most recently we have been informed that special requests cannot be processed or granted as the special committee that decides on these issues may only sit in June/July 2016, worse is that this committee has not even been elected so the exact date cannot be given!
    National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No.103 of 1977, article 7 states that building plans must be granted or refused with reason within 30 days. Also that temporary approval may be given until all criteria are met.
    A typical building site will create work for at least 50 people in various trades for at least 5 months create skills and new job opportunities! Growing up in the building industry skills are handed down from generation to generation. The way things look now is that the young walk around aimless and the old cant fend for themselves any more….dusty hammers and rusty saws don’t feed people.
    Kind regards
    Hendre van der Westhuizen
    078 636 6616

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