Saldanha Bay IDZ to create 40 000 jobs – the DA has a good story to tell

In a presentation to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, it was revealed that 40 000 jobs stand to be created in South Africa, thanks to the development of the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone.

More than 21 000 of these jobs will be created in the Western Cape by 2021.

saldana bay
The DA-led Western Cape is on the right track to creating opportunities for economic growth and jobs. Project Khulisa is a focused intervention program by the Western Cape Government aimed at accelerating economic growth in the Oil and Gas sectors.

The natural advantage of the Saldanha Bay is notable, the port of Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town can all fit into the Bay of Saldanha.

The bay is also well placed to service the oil and gas companies exploring on the West Coast of Africa especially.

The majority of the jobs will be highly skilled, and well-paying jobs creating R8.2 billion in cumulative taxes. It will contribute R 82 billion to the GDP of South Africa, and R 53.4 billion in Gross Geographic Product to the Western Cape.

The DA-led Western Cape continues to show that good government intervention programmes, together with an enabling environment create jobs and growth.


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