Why I joined the DA – Lindela Tshwete

The son of ANC struggle stalwart Steve Tshwete has joined the DA.

Lindela Tshwete believes the DA is “serious about change” and a party that was “prepared to take South Africa forward”.

lindela Tshwete

He also lists the following reasons:

I decided to join the DA because I see it as the future of uniting all South Africans.
I joined the DA because I believe it will change South Africa in a meaningful way for all.
I joined the DA because I believe, under the party, the South African government will be accountable to the people and ensure that the country moves forward with regards to the economy, education, health and redress.
I joined the DA because under it, everybody is given a fair chance to improve themselves.
I joined the DA because I care deeply about South Africa and its people.
I joined the DA because our country is crying out for change, and the DA is ready to answer that cry.


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