Pay back the bonuses

Eskom execs must repay millions in bonuses received while thousands lost jobs to load-shedding.

pay back the bonus

Since load shedding began in 2008, Eskom executives have received over R 73 million in bonuses. This is an insult to hard-working South Africans who continue to struggle without a stable supply of electricity.

The truth is that the current break in load-shedding is not the result of an improvement to Eskom’s ability to supply sufficient power – it rather reflects a drop in demand. When winter returns, so will the strain on our grid and this will mean load-shedding.

Furthermore, the DA will not tolerate the payment of bonuses to non-performing executives while Eskom is seeking to place the burden of its inefficiency on consumers.

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One Response to “Pay back the bonuses”

  1. Deon Du Plessis Says:

    I don’t see any problems with this matter. We as South Africans agreed to vote for the ANC so we must not complain or else we cannot have democracy.

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