The greatest hope of finding a job is where the DA governs

A success story from the DA governed City of Cape Town.

This success story that has resulted in close on 160 000 people obtaining job opportunities across this city, and in doing so taking a significant step towards a better life for themselves and their families.

It is no secret that the greatest challenge we face today is the fact that 8.4 million South Africans cannot find any form of employment, and remain trapped in poverty, without any hope of finding a job.


This is why where the DA governs, creating jobs is the top priority.

As DA leader, I am extremely proud of the fact that the DA-run City of Cape Town has implemented the National Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) the most successfully of any city in the country. That’s not us saying it.

According to the national government, no other government in the country implements the programme as successfully as we do. That’s the DA difference!

As part of our commitment to creating opportunity for all, the City of Cape Town has created almost 159 097 EPWP work opportunities since 2011, with R 555 million being in direct wages to EPWP workers.

That is 159 097 more South Africans with an opportunity to work, invaluable work experience, and a way in which to provide for themselves and their families.

It is quite remarkable that in every year since 2011, the City of Cape Town has exceeded its annual target for the creation of job opportunities. In addition to this, the successful implementation of the EPWP has resulted in the City receiving more than R70 million in extra Incentive Grants from the National Government in 2014.

These funds are used to build on the momentum and good work by funding more projects and expanding the focus of the programme to include Skills Development and the Development of Cooperatives.

freedom fairness

Success like this doesn’t happen by chance – but by change. The reason for the overwhelming success of EPWP in the City of Cape Town is that the system is fair and corruption free.

During my travels across the country, I have heard many examples of South Africans desperate for a job, having to produce ANC membership cards to ANC councillors in ANC run municipalities in order to even be considered for an EPWP job opportunity. The ANC’s “jobs for pals” is evident at every level of government and cannot be tolerated.

In the City of Cape Town, unemployed persons interested in job opportunities can register at their local sub council, and will then be added onto the City’s Jobseekers Database. Workers are recruited from the database on a random basis and are notified via telephone of a possible opportunity to be employed.

In this, job opportunities are allocated in a fair manner. Where the DA governs, that is where “corruption free” job opportunities are found.

Having said that, we must recognise that an EPWP work opportunity is not the end goal. EPWP job opportunities are just a part of addressing the unemployment crisis we face today. It provides short to medium term poverty relief for poor and unemployed residents. But real jobs are what South Africans desire.

Real freedom only comes with a real job. And the reality is without a strong and growing economy, real jobs cannot be created for the millions of South Africans who simply cannot find work.

a job 1

This year, every South African has an opportunity to vote for change that brings about successful and fairly allocated job opportunities for those who need them the most.

And every South African has an opportunity to vote for change that brings about a strong, growing economy which will create real jobs for unemployed South Africans.

The change that South Africa needs starts at the ballot box, and that can only happen when you vote DA.

Let us work together to bring positive change, jobs and a strong economy to South Africa.




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