Kouga Vehicle Testing Centre still non-operational

The vehicle testing centre of Kouga Municipality has been out of order since March this year, which means that no vehicles could be tested by this municipal department for the past eight months.

da value family

The technical equipment valued at about R130,000 was apparently flooded and completely damaged in a rainstorm.

The insurance company paid the amount out to Kouga Municipality in June this year, but replacing the equipment has been stuck in a supply chain management process.

“Having spoken to the official in charge of the Kouga Traffic Department, it was clear that the first call for submission of tenders was unsuccessful,” said Elza Van Lingen, the leader of the Democratic Alliance in Kouga.

“Less than three tenders were received. The tender process now has to be redone to comply with municipal legislation,” added Van Lingen.

There are concerns that this process will not even commence before January 2016. In the meantime residents have their vehicles tested at a private company at almost double the cost.

“There must be better efficiency in restoring much needed operations.

The fact that one must follow supply chain management procedures, does not mean that an important function such as this must take so long to be actioned again,” said Van Lingen.


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