Strong DA growth in by-elections across SA

The DA has achieved a significant surge in growth in by-elections across South Africa in the last 24 hours.


The DA has won a ward from the ANC in the Western Cape, has greatly increased support in all wards contested, and has retained all DA wards.

These results bode very well for the DA’s support toward Election 2016. Round after round of by-elections continue to confirm one thing: momentum is growing behind the DA as we head toward Local Government Elections next year.

In the battleground Metro of Tshwane the DA grew in Ward 16 by 18.7%, growing from 5.5% in 2014 to 23.7% today, showing that voters in Tshwane are increasingly supporting the DA and are abandoning the ANC.

Despite the abuse of state resources by the ANC in this by-election, and acts of intimidation, the DA grew significantly. This DA growth, together with the fact that ANC support has been below 50% in Tshwane since the 2014 Election, shows that Tshwane will truly be a battleground in 2016.

In Ward 73 Johannesburg the DA retained majority support, winning a landslide 92.49% majority today, up from 66.9% in 2014. The City of Johannesburg is showing tremendous growth for the DA, which is setting up a two horse race for governance of Johannesburg in Election 2016.

DA growth continued in Ward 17, Rustenberg where we achieved fantastic growth to retain the ward with 86.5%, up from 77.6% in 2011.

In the Western Cape, residents of Paarl came out in numbers to endorse good municipal governance in the DA Drakenstein Municipality by voting out the ANC in Ward 14 and voting in the DA with a majority of 57.4% in that ward. This is a decisive victory for the DA over the ANC, which is shedding votes consistently.

Voters in Oudtshoorn’s Ward 2 resoundingly endorsed the DA in that Municipality, giving the DA a majority of 73.9%.

The DA grew in Ward 1 in Cape Agulhas with an increased majority, up 5.2% to 51%, to retain control of the ward.

In the Free State, the DA retained Ward 13, Ngwathe with a sweeping 98.7% majority up from 77% in 2014.

By sustaining this momentum we will make Election 2016 the most competitive South Africa has ever seen.

The scene is set for the battle for major towns and cities in Election 2016.


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