Cape Town rated one of the best cities in fighting climate change

The City of Cape Town has been recognised as one of the leading cities in the fight against climate change.

da western cape story

The city received the accolade at the International Climate Week in New York two weeks ago, where it was named one of 10 cities worldwide meeting the planning and reporting requirements of the Compact of Mayors.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille said the recognised cities were in a key position to steer a lower carbon, more resilient and sustainable future.

She said Cape Town was the first African city to be Compact-compliant and had been recognised as a global leader in addressing climate change.

“We are committed to a future which is more energy secure, resource efficient, and resilient to climate change,” she said.

She said it was everyone’s responsibility to do what they could to protect the environment for future generations and “the City of Cape Town had various initiatives and projects in place to address climate change and lead the way in building a more sustainable city”.

As a result of the city’s efforts to combat climate change, De Lille was selected as a media champion for the Compact of Mayors, she said.

News 24


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