DA wins Student Council at Nelson Mandela Metro University

The DA is humbled and proud to have won 12 out of the 20 seats in the 2016 NMMU Student Representative Council election (SRC), held yesterday. This translates into a 60% victory.


Once again, the DA Student Organisation will govern the SRC at NMMU.

This victory is indicative of growing support for the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay. The DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay in next year’s election with the continued support of our young voters.

Voters continue to reward DASO with renewed SRC mandates on campuses in South Africa as an acknowledgement of sound delivery. DASO’s commitment to caring for students and their issues has been confirmed by this election result.

In this new term DASO will ensure that the SRC builds on the successes of the previous term.

The DASO 2016 SRC will work for the expansion of its comprehensive bailout fund and shuttle service for students, the translation of all university documents into South Africa’s official languages and the video-recording of lectures to promote academic excellence; to name but a few of the planned initiatives.

Viva DA Viva

One Response to “DA wins Student Council at Nelson Mandela Metro University”

  1. Buford Says:

    Today, penalized local websites still show up in the local pack, even if they are impossible to discover in the routine natural search.

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