Powers of Public Protector must be safeguarded

The DA is set to file court papers on Monday for direct access to the Constitutional Court relating to the Public Protector’s report on Nkandla.

The party’s chair of the Federal Executive, James Selfe, said that the powers of the Public Protector needed to be safeguarded.

“Legal certainty about the powers of the Public Protector, and the force and effect of remedial action taken by the Public Protector, are vital to the successful functioning of our constitutional democracy,” he said.

“Specifically, the DA argues that President Zuma’s failure to engage rationally with the Public Protector’s findings and remedial action pertaining to him was manifestly irrational, illegal and unconstitutional.

“We furthermore contend that the President’s decision to substitute the remedial action ordered by the Public Protector with a decision that the Police Minister report on whether he was liable for any of the costs was illegal and unconstitutional.

“The DA argues that the National Assembly’s Ad Hoc Committee’s endorsement of the Police Minister’s report was similarly irrational and should be set aside, as should the decision of the National Assembly to accept the report of the Ad Hoc Committee,” Selfe said.

Source: News 24


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