Ramaphosa: All talk but no action on corruption

Corruption is a cancer which eats away at the fibre of society.

It diverts public funds meant for building communities to the pockets of greedy politicians, dishonest officials and those hell-bent on putting their own interests ahead of those of the people of South Africa.


The Democratic Alliance strongly objects to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s non-answer on the action that the Executive will take when it comes on dealing with corruption.

The Deputy President waxed lyrical about the various pieces of legislation and institutions that deal with rooting out corruption, but what’s clear is that the Executive turns a blind eye when dealing with corruption.

There is no political accountability within the ANC when its own, like Pule Mabe who still sits as a Member of Parliament despite the findings of the Public Protector’s Derailed report into PRASA.

The legislation and institutions are only as good as those who lead and abide by them. The ANC government has failed our democracy in this regard as evidenced by the growing levels of corruption and the contempt shown towards the institutions which attempt to combat it.

South Africa has strong institutions and legislation, but the weaknesses lie in the quality of leadership, and a lack of accountability.

Win Kouga

Until politicians at the very top are arrested for corruption, this cancer will continue to spread unabated.

On behalf of the people of South Africa, the DA will continue to push for accountability, especially when it comes to corruption, which by its very nature is anti-development.

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