Open letter to Dr Danny Jordaan on 2010 Bribery Allegations

Dear Dr Jordaan,

The integrity of Nelson Mandela Bay, its government and its reputation, demands that you immediately lift the veil on allegations of the $10million bribe paid for the 2010 World Cup, under your leadership of the Bid Committee.

You personally oversaw and led an organisation that is now irrefutably implicated in a major international bribery probe. It is confirmed on record, under oath in US Court papers.

These are allegations of serious impropriety on your watch as Bid committee head.

da value family

These allegations have the ability to tarnish the image and reputation of our nation regarding arguably our greatest and proudest international achievement yet.

Mr Blatter’s resignation as FIFA president days after his election to a fifth term indicates that where there is smoke in FIFA, there is inevitably fire and that the international investigating authorities are serious in their investigation.

You and SAFA might be temporarily insulated by Government attempts to explain this away, through the “tap dances” of Ministers Mbalula and Radebe – but the people of Nelson Mandela Bay deserve to hear the truth from their mayor.

You are now the Mayor, and you need to account.

The people of Nelson Mandela Bay have been let down by successive mayors in the past four years, and don’t deserve to be let down again.

In the 2016 election, the people of Nelson Mandela Bay will make choices about what kind of Government they want.

It has become crystal clear that the electorate has had enough of corruption – so you must clarify where you stand on this issue.

It is also clear that NMB doesn’t want a part time mayor who is inextricably linked to this unfolding FIFA corruption scandal. You have to deal with this albatross that is weighing so heavily on your shoulders.

In the 2016 elections, the people of the Bay have the option to vote in a DA government, a government that will come with a DA track-record of clean government and delivery for all.

I have been nominated by the DA as our mayoral candidate for 2016 and it is in this capacity that I challenge you publicly to take the people of Nelson Mandela Bay into your confidence and to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Danny, your silence on these allegations will not take NMB forward – you need to account.


Athol Trollip

One Response to “Open letter to Dr Danny Jordaan on 2010 Bribery Allegations”

  1. Russell Komlosy Says:

    Come now Uncle Danny – please explain?

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