Raw sewage flows in Humansdorp

Residents in Kwananzamo in Humansdorp have to endure a huge flow of raw sewage every time it rains and the Kouga Municipality has done little to solve the problem.

Sewage humansdorp

DA Member of Parliament for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen has raised the issue with Kouga Municipal Manager Sidney Fadi on a number of occasions, but no lasting solution has been implemented.

“The Sewage Treatment Plant in Humansdorp is not even fenced and kids go and play around the waste water treatment tanks,” said van Lingen.

“With people living within 500 m of the Plant, and zero security, residents are at risk of drowning in the tanks.”

Below the plant the terrain is an absolute mess, with the litter blocking the culvert. There is a stream of effluent overflowing from the plant into an earth dam below and the entire access road is flooded with effluent of dubious quality.

“There is a health threat to every person and animal walking around the premises.

Every time I report it to the Municipal Manager, he unblocks the culvert but does not seek any lasting solution to the problem,” added Van Lingen.

Van Lingen has also requested the latest copy of the Treatment Plant’s water chemical and bacteriological laboratory analysis report from the Department of Water Affairs.

There is a real risk that raw sewage could end up in the upper reaches of the Seekoei River which flows down to the coast and meets the sea at Aston Bay.

An independent test conducted by the DA in 2012, revealed traces of ecoli at the mouth of the Seekoei River.

It was not confirmed where the source of the pollution was.

Source: Kouga Express

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