Pay child maintenance- bring back Clause 11 to the Maintenance Amendment Bill

The ANC wants parents who don’t pay maintenance for their children to get away with it.

pay your maintenance

They have removed Clause 11 from the Maintenance Amendment Bill so that parents who fail to pay maintenance don’t get blacklisted.

The DA says that all parents who pay maintenance MUST pay on time, every month! Parents who don’t pay must be blacklisted.

More than 9 million children are growing up in South Africa without fathers. The future of South Africa depends on strong, stable families and parents who take responsibility for their children.

At the moment, you can be blacklisted for not paying for a fridge or television, but not for failing to pay child maintenance.

The ANC must bring back Clause 11 to the Maintenance Amendment Bill!

Sign the petition in support of blacklisting child maintenance defaulters by clicking here

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