Kouga Municipality’s Draft Annual Report

The DA Councillors of Kouga  wish to inform the residents of Kouga that at a Council Meeting held on the 28th of January 2015, the 2nd  (2013/2014) Draft Annual Report was tabled to be discussed. love my country Needless to say that the ANC Councillors and Speaker smartly manoeuvred the meeting in such a way that no councillor could discuss the Auditor-General’s Report which is an integral part of the Annual Report. The Auditor-General’s Report will now be made public and the local community will be invited to submit representations in connection with the Annual Report.

Although the opinion expressed by the Auditor-General is unqualified, the question can be asked how that is possible when a huge number of matters/concerns were raised by the Auditor-General regarding the poor management of Kouga. Substantial matters such as (only to mention a few):

  • Material losses (R11.8 million);
  • Unauthorised expenditure (R24.0 million);
  • Fruitless and Wasteful expenditure (R2.3 million);
  • Irregular expenditure (R1.1 million).

The only conclusion a reasonable person can come to is that the Government of the day is under such enormous pressure to prove success that also audit reports nowadays be watered down to an unacceptable level and that unqualified reports be issued left, right and centre.

We would like to urge the residents of Kouga to get hold of the relevant documentation, acquaint themselves with the contents thereof and make representations to the Council in this regard. Furthermore it needs to be said that the majority party in charge of Kouga wants the irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure to be condoned by Council. Surely the DA cannot and will not be part of such an action.

We trust that our DA supporters would support us in this regard.

One Response to “Kouga Municipality’s Draft Annual Report”

  1. Elza van Lingen Says:

    Kouga Residents must know exactly what the governing party is up to & we must make sure that nothing goes under the carpet!

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