The state of our public toilets in Kouga

Holiday season is upon us and it appears that Kouga is far from ready to welcome the tens of thousands of people who will be descending upon our coastal towns for their annual holiday.

Public toilets at Kabeljous

Public toilets at Kabeljous

In particular, the state of the public amenities in Kouga can only be described as shocking.

As one JBay local said, “I feel ashamed to be a resident with the state of our public toilets especially with the holidaymakers coming.”

The resident reported the chaotic condition of the Kabeljous toilets to the Municipality in August, but nothing has happened, despite the assurances of a senior manager within the KM, that he would attend to the problem.

kabeljous toilets 2

According to the resident, a municipal employee is dropped off every morning to clean the toilets but this simply does not happen.

None of the toilets nor the showers are working at Kabeljous, which is a very popular destination for holidaymakers who braai next to the lagoon and enjoy the Kabeljous Beach.


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