The rule of law and the accountability of President Zuma

Parliament has degenerated into a circus over the past few weeks and South Africans are concerned about the state of the nation – and rightfully so.

love my country

In terms of Parliament’s rules, the President must answer questions at least once a quarter.  He does not have an option.  This is a key component of “executive accountability” in our Parliamentary system.

The Speaker must chair Parliament in a fair manner, according to the rules.  She has no option.  She cannot follow instructions from Luthuli House and allow Parliament to be abused to protect the President.

The DA will not allow itself to be drawn into a “political solution” that requires Parliament to protect Jacob Zuma from answering questions in the House. Such a deal would seriously undermine the very purpose of Parliament in our constitutional order.

These are not academic concepts.  They have profound practical consequences for every South African.  And events of the past week illustrated this more clearly than ever before.

Its time for change.


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