The ANC is in a deep and fundamental crisis says Zille

The leader of the DA, Helen Zille has said that  Parliament is not the  institution in deep and fundamental crisis – its actually the ANC that is in terminal decline.

Helen Zille 3

“The ANC is in a crisis.  Their crisis is not only deep and fundamental.

It is terminal, although the unravelling of this once-great party will take a long time, interspersed with catalytic moments, some big – like the NUMSA expulsion – and some small,” said Zille.

“The symptoms of the ANC’s internal crisis have surfaced in every institution in our country, public and private.

But the fact that so many are “fighting back” to defend the integrity and independence of these institutions is a source of great optimism.

As the ANC disintegrates its leaders will seek diversions and scapegoats, but this will be in vain.

The ANC reached its peak in the 2004 general election, under President Thabo Mbeki, and history will recall that it was downhill from there.

The DA’s job, during the next five years, is to prevent the ANC from turning its crisis into a crisis for South Africa’s democracy.  This is an enormous challenge as the events in Parliament last week showed,” concluded Zille.


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