“Ghost committee” redraws ward boundaries in Kouga

Council passed startling proposals to redraw some of the boundaries that define the voting wards in Kouga, at a meeting last Thursday.

The ANC wants Paradise Beach to form part of a St Francis Bay ward. The DA totally opposes breaking up Ward 14

The ANC wants Paradise Beach to form part of a St Francis Bay ward. The DA totally opposes breaking up Ward 14

Most notably, Paradise Beach will form part of Ward 12 (St Francis Bay) and not Ward 14 (Aston Bay, Marina Martinique, Tokyo Sexwale) anymore and a section of C Place will form part of Ocean View, while part of Sea Vista would move from Ward 12 to Ward 1 (Oyster Bay), as will Cape St Francis.

The Democratic Alliance Councillors recused themselves from debating the item as they sought more clarity on what the Kouga Ward Delimitation Committee’s role was in drafting the proposed changes.

However, the ANC said that the committee never existed and certainly did not meet on the three dates mentioned in the proposal, namely 26 August, 18 and 23 September.

The Speaker of the Council, Honourable Dlomo said any mention of the Delimitation Committee was due to an over excited official and was happy to allow a proposal by the ANC to remove all references of the Committee from the agenda.

However the DA was not convinced that the Delimitation Committee was a ghost committee and decided that, as they had no representation on the committee, they could not take further part in the debate.

“We have reason to believe the Delimitation Committee did indeed exist and did meet and was chaired by an ANC public representative,” said the DA Caucus.

“In fact there were even members of the public at some of the meetings,”.

“The DA will communicate our views on the delimitation process which should not split communities and we will approach the Demarcation Board to raise our concerns,” added the Caucus.

After the DA recused themselves the majority party in Council proceeded to pass the proposal and recommend the changes to the Demarcation Board.

The leader of the DA in Kouga, ELza Van Lingen said that the proposed changes to the Ward boundaries was proof that the ANC is running scared in Kouga.

“Changing the Ward boundaries for political reasons is a last gasp attempt by the ANC to remain in power in the Kouga,” said Van Lingen.

The rest of the items of the agenda were approved by Council and include overtime controls, Stand-by allowances and the Cacadu District Framework Plan.

The Council (without the DA) resolved to propose the following Ward / Ward boundaries:

Ward 1:
Oyster Bay, Sea Vista (China Town), Cape St Francis, St Francis Drive, Assisi Drive, Homestead Road and all the farms on the western side of the R 330

Ward 2:
Pellsrus and Loods Park to Woltamade Street.

Ward 3:
Lower Wavecrest

Ward 4:
Kruisfontein, Vaaldam and everything above the narrow gauge railway line, Panorama, Industrial area and surrounding farms.

Ward 5:
Arcadia, Graslaagte and everything below the narrow gauge railway line, everything on the western side of Main Street (Humansdorp) Old Kwanomzamo and farms.

Ward 6:
Kwanomzamo, everything on the eastern side of Main Street (Humansdorp) Rheeboksfontein and Boskloof

Ward 7:
Thornhill, Loerie, Gamtoos, Mondplaas, Crossways

Ward 8:
Upper Wavecrest, Kabeljous, the Sands and surrounding farms.

Ward 9:
Most of Hankey excluding Extension 4, Centerton, Old Hankey, Stofwolk

Ward 10:
Patensie, Ramaphosa Village, surrounding farms

Ward 11:
Part of Wavecrest, C Place, CBD

Ward 12:
St Francis Bay, everything on the eastern side of R 330 and Paradise Beach.

Ward 13:
Weston, Rooidraai, Extension 4 (Hankey) and surrounding farms.

Ward 14:
Aston Bay, Marina Martinique, Mandela Bay, Tokyo Sexwale

Ward 15:
Ocean View, part of C Place, Fountains Estate


2 Responses to ““Ghost committee” redraws ward boundaries in Kouga”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    As a resident of Paradise Beach, it think this is the best news i have heard in a long time. Maybe now Paradise Beach will receive the necessary attention it needs to resemble a form of paradise which it could be. Rose Greyling

  2. Erena Says:

    Dream on sister Rose, we should create our own area and govern it ourselves, look at the drowning causway! Aparently NOBODY has complained yet, AND the gobbly-gook about opening the mouth of an ESTUARIUM not a river mouth! Roads are never fixed, BUT they want our Tax money!

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