Where the DA governs, the DA delivers

The DA is the only party that has shown growth since inception in 2000 and now governs the Western Cape and 30 local municipalities.


Where the DA governs, the DA delivers. Clean administrations that offer service delivery to all its citizens is the recipe for success and the DA is the force of change in the Eastern Cape as well as in national government, as we proved in the Western Cape.

A DA led government would invest at least 10% of GDP in the roads, ports, railways, airways, water and communication infrastructure so that the economy could grow with the objective being the creation of 6 million real jobs. An additional 7 million EPWP work opportunities will be created.

Crime and education are key areas the DA has identified to ensure a better life for all South Africans.

An extra 250 000 properly trained policemen will be deployed to fight the scourge of crime in South Africa and the DA will implement a preventative crime intelligence system to be proactive on especially farm and rural security.

An additional 15 000 teachers would be trained each year to ensure a better education for all our children.

The DA would dedicate an extra R10 billion to speed up land reform on a willing buyer – willing seller principle and provide training and support for emerging farmers.

In the Western Cape the share equity system has proved to be the most successful programme for emerging farmers and farm worker groups.

The DA would save R30 billion per year by cutting corruption and firing corrupt officials and this in turn will lead to the speeding up of the delivery of housing and basic services through clean and efficient government.

Together for change, together for jobs


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