Kouga Fire Department phone not working

The telephone lines at the Kouga Fire Station in Humansdorp are down.

Residents are asked to report emergencies, such as fires and vehicle accidents, directly to the local SAPS at 042 2004700 or the ambulance service at 042 2910020.

Both are in radio contact with the Fire Station.

keep calm


One Response to “Kouga Fire Department phone not working”

  1. Elza van Lingen Says:

    The electricity was also off in Cape St Francis (15:20) this afternoon. I first tired to phone Kouga Emergency Services. The one line was just ringing and the other engaged. In the meantime I sent an sms to someone in the electricity dept. The I read this article and decided to call SAPS in Humansdorp. Well that was an experience of note. The van and officer in charge were busy with “klagtes” and the SAPS offices were also without electricity. Yes Emergency Services did contact SAPS, but it looked like an Eskom fault – true or self-diagnosis, who knows! Nothing could be done, because the electricity was off. Period. The actions was however unnerving considering that there could one day be a real crisis without the necessary ability to act with authority to save lives.

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