What you need to know on 7 May

• The voters’ roll for the 2014 general elections on 7 May is closed. It is too late to register for these elections now.

• You can vote at any voting station in South Africa, but if you are voting at a station other than where you are registered you will have to provide proof of registration (registration sticker in your ID). If you are voting outside of the province where you are registered, you will also only qualify for the national ballot.

what you need to know

• The only valid ID documents for voting are the green, bar-coded ID book; smart card ID; or valid temporary ID certificate.

• If you have lost your ID book, please apply for a temporary ID certificate at your nearest Home Affairs office so that you can vote on 7 May.

• May 7 is a public holiday in order to facilitate voting.

• Voting stations will open 7am to 9pm on 7 May Election Day.

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