Meet the DA candidates

The DA has two candidates standing for national and provincial government in the upcoming election.

The more votes the DA gets, the better chance the Kouga has of being represented on higher levels of government.

Elza van Lingen – MP for national parliament.

The DA member of Parliament for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

The DA member of Parliament for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

Elza served in parliament since 2009 and she was also elected the DA Leader of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) in October 2011 – indeed a remarkable accomplishment in such a short time.

She serves on the DA Federal Executive Committee. She is also our DA Provincial Financial Chairperson and represents the province on the DA Federal Finance Committee.

As Tsitsi-Karoo Constituency Leader, Elza has represented the people of Baviaans, Kouga and Koukamma always making an extreme effort to secure service delivery.

Her work ethic sets a very high standard for the Councillors in the region and assists the Councillors in escalating service delivery issues to provincial and national government levels.

Daniel (Danny) Benson – Kouga’s DA Candidate for Provincial Legislature.

Danny Benson

Danny Benson

Danny was born and grew up in Swartvlei near George. He matriculated at George High School. He is 55 years old and has been married for 35 years and they are blessed with 5 children.

He is God-fearing, a hard worker, loyal, quick learner, adjusts well to changes, efficient team player, self-motivated, self-confident and self-disciplined. He is also a peoples’ person and above all a caring person.

He has a National Diploma in HR Management and a Degree in HR Development. His professional experience is 25 years in the Defence Force in the role as a leader. First as a non-commissioned officer (Troop to a Sergeant), then as an Officer (Lt to a LT-Col).

Over this period he acquired various life-skills and traits like discipline, self-discipline,problem solving, managing people and resources, leadership and strategic planning.

Political Experience
• Elected a town councillor in 2011 in the Kouga Municipality;
• Constituency Chairperson of DA Tsitsi-Karoo Constituency;
• Elected as Chief Whip of the DA in Kouga Council;
• Served on the DA’s Provincial Council;
• Spokesman on LED Portfolio Committee in Kouga Council.

Together for change, together for jobs!

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  1. Scot Says:

    What is a “non-commissioner officer” ?

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