How the ANC has corrupted the Constitution

Many people wonder why and how opposition parties get excluded from the decision making process once the votes are counted and on a national level, the ANC assumes power.

make history DA

It is sometimes even more difficult to understand in the Kouga, where there is a “hung parliament” with the ANC controlling 15 seats and the DA 14 seats.

The answer is quite simple. The ANC has corrupted the Constitution of South Africa and replaced it with a winner take all scenario.

However, the Constitution does not envisage a mathematical form of democracy, where the winner takes all until the next vote-counting exercise occurs.

Rather, it contemplates a pluralistic democracy where continuous respect is given to the rights of all to be heard and have their views considered.

The open and deliberative nature of the process goes further than providing a dignified and meaningful role for all participants. It is calculated to produce better outcomes through subjecting laws and governmental action to the test of critical debate, rather than basing them on unilateral decision making.

It should be underlined that the responsibility for serious and meaningful deliberation and decision-making rests not only on the majority, but on minority groups as well.

In the end, the endeavours of both majority and minority parties should be directed not towards exercising (or blocking the exercise) of power for its own sake, but at achieving a just society where, in the words of the Preamble of the Constitution, “South Africa belongs to all who live in it.”

After 20 years of democracy, there is only one party who can uphold the Constitution of South Africa. There is only one party that is capable of turning the tide of corruption that is threatening to sink our beloved country.

That party is the DA and that is why I am voting DA on 7 May.

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