Why vote DA?

Ahead of the 2014 elections I believe South Africans would rather vote FOR, rather than against something. A party looking forward rather than obsessed with the past. Without any negative campaigning – I explain my choice.

The Democratic Alliance is the only party that grows with every election with one in every four people voting for the DA in 2011. Political analyst Laurie Schlemmer said: “the DA today, in terms of its support base, is probably the most multi-racial party that South Africa has ever known.”

nkandla cost

The list of candidates for Legislatures and National Assembly are the most diverse ever and the DA has the most diverse leadership of any political party. More than half of the party’s leaders and candidates for the premiership in the nine South African provinces are female and/or black.

Fractured leadership can neither unite nor lead a nation. The DA is a united party that encourages internal debate to ensure the best policy development that benefit all South Africans. You’ll agree that vision, accountability, decisiveness and integrity are essential for any leadership.

I respect that the DA implement its policies where it governs; admits, takes responsibility for and corrects any mistakes; and fires poor performing public representatives. None of the candidates for the 2014 election have any corruption charges or criminal convictions against them.

da western cape story

Values trump any ethnic or geographic divide. The DA believes in non-racialism, the rule of law, a market economy with a welfare safety net,zero tolerance of corruption and limiting state power.

The DA is the only credible party capable to deliver on the vision we shared in 1994: One nation with one future; united inour diversity. It acknowledges the lingering legacy of an oppressive past and is genuinely committed to restoredignity, freedom and equality by implementing policies that prioritise basic service delivery, ensure equal opportunity, celebrate our diversity and promote reconciliation.

Quality education is the grand leveller and the foundation on which a free, equal society is realised. Decent work gives people dignity and helps families climb the ladder out of poverty. The DA offers to:

· Train 15 000 more teachers per year and give every child a text book for every subject
· Increase the NSFAS budget to R16 billion so no student is denied further education because they cannot afford it.
· Create 1 million internships to give work experience to young job-seekers
· Create 7 million EPWP opportunities to alleviate poverty and provide a step-up for job seekers
· Foster a nation of entrepreneurs by cutting red tape and providing more support and training for small business
· Improve black economic empowerment so it rewards companies that invest in their workers and create jobs
· Break up inefficient state monopolies, and distribute shares to ordinary citizens to increase competition and bring down prices
· Invest at least 10% of GDP in roads, ports, railways,airways, water and communication infrastructure that the economy needs to grow
· Save R30 billion per year by cutting corruption and firing corrupt officials
· Speed up delivery of housing and basic services through clean, efficient government
· Introduce a constituency-based electoral system to make MPs more accountable
· Reduce crime by putting 250 000 properly trained police officers on the streets
· Fight gangsterism and drugs by re-instating the narcotics bureau and building more rehabilitation centres
· Work with the private sector to provide quality, affordable health care for all
· Ensure the social grant system is a means to lift people out of poverty
· Dedicate an extra R10 billion to speed up land reform and provide training and support for emerging farmers

Win Kouga

The DA run Western Cape is the best Province according to Presidency’s monitoring and evaluation department, with the highest service delivery according to 2011 Census statistics. 99%of houses have access to piped water and over 90,5% of households have access to flush toilets. 76% of the budget is dedicated to service delivery in poor communities.

It has the lowest unemployment rate and created the most jobs than all 8 other provinces combined in the last term. The Western Cape’s clean, efficient government attracted R2 Billion worth of investment last year.Where the DA is in opposition, it exposes more corruption and represents voters better than any other party.

A high price was paid for our freedom, we are duty bound to protect it and use it to protect and foster democracy. This election is so important and so much is at stake. We have made progress as a nation and each one of us should be proud of ourselves for having contributed to that, but we cannot afford another five years of corruption and unemployment.

Our vote on the 7thof May can make history again. We need to bring a clean government that grows the economy and creates real, permanent jobs. I am voting DA on the 7th May.


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