DA Youth launches DemocraCITY

Today, the DA Youth are officially launching DemocraCITY. DemocraCITY is a Mxit-specific strategy game. DemocraCITY is essentially a hybrid between SimCity and Tamagotchi.


Each game runs for 72 hours, with players being continually prompted to make strategic decisions which influence the happiness levels of citizens. The game is running for a total of 3 weeks. Good governance earns extra points and bad governance leads to bad ratings. For those given to corruption, it’s a short road to game over.

Players have the option of collecting tax, stealing public funds and upgrading their cars and houses. Players can also spend it on job creation, law enforcement, infrastructure and social initiatives. Activities and decisions are weighted in terms of their impact on the population’s sentiment. The game can be accessed via the main Mxit portal navigation.

A large percentage of Mxit users are avid gamers, making a game an obvious mechanism for seeding campaign ideas and information. The gaming conventions are also well understood, making the game fit-for-purpose within the Mxit environment.

The game has a social impact dimension, in that users discover that while corruption and self-enrichment may be fun and appealing in the short term, it doesn’t lead to success. In discovering key enablers in the game, players gain specific insights too.

Since the launch of DemocraCITY last Thursday, it has 73 843 visitors and 31 342 active players. DemocraCITY also has 7284 active games thus far.

34 753 DemocraCITY games have been played thus far in total, with 378 user comments. The user feedback has been very positive, with comments such as: “I love this game guys, this year I will be voting DA”.

Active DemocraCITY players can win a share of R1000 in airtime per day, as well as 5 R10 000 bursaries to be won by the top 5 players at the end of the 3 week campaign.

keep calm

We, as the DA youth are very excited about DemocraCITY. Young people will be able to learn more about the DA in a fun way, as well as standing a chance to win a study bursary. We know that an investment in tertiary education is the best investment government can make.

Under a DA government every qualifying matriculant will have guaranteed access to tertiary education. A DA government will make sufficient funding available to ensure that no qualifying matriculant are prevented from studying because they cannot afford it.

The DA is the only viable alternative for young South Africans. A vote for the DA is a vote for a better deal for young people.


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