Unemployment issue must be addressed in Kouga

The lack of jobs is a major concern for the Kouga municipality. Having a well-run municipality is key to creating the right climate for job creation. Under the ANC leadership the Kouga municipality has gone backwards.

Win Kouga

A DA governed Kouga will eradicate corruption, cut red tape and will roll out the red carpet for investors. We will replace despair with hope and return Kouga to its former glory when it was run by the Democratic Alliance. The voters of Kouga are looking for change and the DA will bring that change.

Many young adults leave home to study further and return to seek jobs with no luck. Many turn to drugs and alcohol and as a result crime is rife.

Fishing, which is the main source of income for many Jeffrey Bay residents, is a major cause for concern. There are some fishermen who are not granted fishing permits purely because of their political affiliations. Others have been jobless for at least three months after squid fishing restrictions were implemented.

The Eastern Cape provincial government is failing dismally to create the right climate for job creation and only looks after the connected few; they are the main beneficiaries of tenders.

The Democratic Alliance will put the Eastern Cape on a new path of growth and when it wins the Kouga municipality in 2016, it will bring real change to this municipality.


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