The ANC is running scared says Helen Zille

We are only three weeks away from the most important national election in twenty years.

Helen Zille 3

The DA has travelled to every corner of the country delivering our message of hope.

We are doing this despite the ANC abusing all state resources at its disposal to prevent South Africans from hearing our message.

Last week, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) gave out blankets and food parcels at a rally ANC President, Jacob Zuma was speaking.

This week, the DA was informed that our election adverts will be pulled from both SABC radio and TV stations.

And don’t expect to see yourselves on TV tonight. According to reports in the newspapers today, SABC journalists have been instructed not to show pictures of crowds at DA rallies!

This shows how afraid the ANC is of the blue wave that is sweeping the country in all it glorious diversity.

We will not stand by and let this election be stolen by the ANC. We will not give up without a fight – the democratic rights of every South African are at stake.

The ANC is very scared of the blue machine. That is why they use every public platform to attack us with lies.

They are afraid because more and more people are seeing the truth. The DA is the most diverse party in South Africa.

We deliver more to the poor where we govern than the ANC. And we are the only party with the policies to beat the legacy of apartheid and create the jobs our people so desperately need.

History can be made here in the Eastern Cape. I can feel it everywhere I go in this province. I see more and more blue people in the streets.

Just a few weeks ago Gwede Mantashe visited Sterkspruit but was chased out of the town because the residents were so angry. Almost exactly a year ago to the day, I visited Sterkspruit after the residents there invited me to see how bad things had got.

I told them then that things did not have to be like that – that they could vote for a better government and reject their current corrupt government.

Win Kouga

It looks like they took my message to heart! More and more people are taking that message to heart across the Eastern Cape, and across South Africa.

The good news is that you can change things yourself through your vote. Elections give you a chance to choose a party that takes your needs seriously. Your vote can bring about real change.

Your vote can bring a government in this province and in this country that is serious about fixing our economy and creating jobs.

Things can change in the Eastern Cape. The DA is growing! We can bring change that stops corruption and creates jobs.

We can bring change that opens opportunities to everyone, that improves education, that spends much more money on basic services for the poor, and that actually delivers the better life for all.

Helen Zille

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2 Responses to “The ANC is running scared says Helen Zille”

  1. Eugene A. Goliath Says:


    The absence of a quorum at the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) meeting convened for 10 April 2014 was another “first” for the District Municipality of CACADU. It echo’s the sentiments of one ANC councillor in saying “…this has never happened before in CACADU”, when the withdrawal of financial support to 2 vital Local Municipality Infrastructure projects, already approved on the IDP, was muscled through Council.
    In a committee of nine (9) members, the four (4) DA councillors pitched up for a crucial oversight meeting, only to find that none of the five (5) ANC councillors made an appearance. It thus left the meeting one (1) warm body short of a quorum, relegating the gathering powerless to continue into a meeting, where the audit findings of the municipality was a high priority on the agenda.
    It would appear that because of electioneering, the ANC are calling all hands on deck until 7 May 2014, leaving a wake of non-delivery of service behind in their path to secure what is becoming the impossible dream for the ANC. This could turn out to be a “not” so good story to tell…
    The Chairperson of MPAC, Councillor Horatio Hendricks, was livid due to the lack of commitment from the ANC councillors, having only received two (2) formal applications for leave. He had to humbly apologise for the wasting of time (and money) of the Auditor General’s Office, who travelled from East London to attend the meeting, as well as Mr Gwija from the Department of Provincial Planning and Treasury.
    DA CACADU Councillors
    Cr H.M. Hendricks [email:]
    Cr E.A. Goliath []

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