Sign petition to impeach Zuma

Nkandlagate has now come to be symbolic of the rot in President Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

impeach zuma

Indeed, it is the gold standard for the increasing corruption and nepotism our country has witnessed over the last five years.

Corruption, no matter the position, kills jobs, undermines service delivery and makes South Africans poorer. Our President should be leading the way in the fight against it, not participating in it so blatantly.

The DA has done everything within our power to ensure accountability – for all those responsible – since the details first came to light.

South Africa needs to know that this will not be tolerated and action will be taken against even the most powerful perpetrators.

Sign the petition to call for President Zuma’s impeachment. Click here


One Response to “Sign petition to impeach Zuma”

  1. Chimpie Cawood Says:

    Brenton Basically I agree with this move to impeach the Xxz!!!!ZZQQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but nowadays I am reluctant to reveal my ID. Can we solve this issue? Chimpie

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