DA election manifesto 2014

The manifesto can be summarised in this way:

Together for change through a government that offers opportunities for all, together for jobs through an economy that grows at 8% to create 6 million real jobs

blue wednesday

A DA government will:

  • Save R 30 billion per year by cutting corruption and firing corrupt officials
  • Speed up the delivery of housing and basic services through clean and efficient government
  • Introduce a constituency-based electoral system to make MPs more accountable
  • Make communities safer by putting 250 000 properly trained police officers on the streets
  •  Fight gangsterism and drugs by re-instating the narcotics bureau and building more rehabilitation centres
  • Work with the private sector to provide quality, affordable health care for all
  • Ensure that the social grants system is a means to lift people out of poverty
  •  Dedicate an extra R 10 billion to speed up land reform and provide training and support for emerging farmers
  • Provide quality education by training 15 000 more teachers per year and giving every child a textbook for every subject
  • Increase the NSFAS budget to R 16 billion so that no student is denied further education because they cannot afford it.
  • Create 1 million internships to give work experience to young job-seekers
  • Provide 7 million EPWP opportunities to alleviate poverty and provide a step-up for job seekers
  • Make South Africa a nation of entrepreneurs by cutting red tape and providing more support and training for small business
  • Improve black economic empowerment so that it rewards companies that invest in their workers and create jobs
  • Break up inefficient state monopolies, and distribute shares to ordinary citizens, to increase competition and bring down prices
  • Invest at least 10% of GDP in the roads, ports, railways, airways, water and communication infrastructure that the economy needs to grow


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