Rubbish flying around Jeffreys Bay

The sight of black rubbish bags strewn around Jeffreys Bay will continue until at least next week says the Kouga Municipality.

Win Kouga

This follows the strike last week which saw municipal workers lay down tools and essential services like refuse collection, came to a standstill.

According to a statement from Kouga Municipality, refuse will not be collected at businesses on Wednesday and Friday this week. This is to allow refuse collection teams to focus on the residential areas.

The aim is to collect refuse in residential areas as per the regular schedule. However, due to the backlog, not all bags will be collected this week. The aim is collect the remainder next week.

Meanwhile our once pristine town, that is heavily reliant on tourism, will continue to the held ransom to plastic bags and other rubbish flying around the streets and landing up in the ocean.

One Response to “Rubbish flying around Jeffreys Bay”

  1. Tappe Labuschagne Says:

    Then I will not pay for the rubbish removel this month . Hope we stand together and not pay

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