SAA in free fall

In the years of ANC misrule we now have an admission from State Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba that the last recovery plan for SAA was a waste of sixteen billion rand; there had been eight previous bail outs yet the problem remain.


It is quite obvious that the airline should be privatised, because the State is clueless in matters a business.

Also the Minister didn’t take kindly the advice of the previous board of directors he appointed, headed by Cheryl Carolus and other highly capable members, who chose to resign rather than have their reputations damaged as the airline headed into free fall.

The combined total subsidies ANC government has poured into this failing enterprise over the years runs into hundreds of billions of wasted taxpayers money and they never seem to learn “when you are in a hole it is best to stop digging”

The ANC’s incompetence sensationalises the issues, not only of the airline, but of Telkom, Eskom, the Post Office, SABC and other NGO’s all a dismal failure, in the main because of cadre deployment.

Ted O’Connor.

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