Jeffreys Bay Municipal offices closed

The Municipal offices in Jeffreys Bay have been closed due to a strike.

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The strike is about the employment of casual workers.

The leaders are meeting with senior officials at the moment and hopefully the situation will be resolved speedily.

3 Responses to “Jeffreys Bay Municipal offices closed”

  1. natassja Says:

    Ek wonder wat sal gebeur as die res van SA ook altyd n tantrum gooi as hulle nie hulle sin kry nie. Dis pateties dat hierdie gedrag toegelaat word. As jy nue wil wer of ontevrede is oor geld, bedank. Baie ander is bereid om jou werk te doe.

  2. Alet Says:

    Enige verskooning om NIE TE WERK NIE!…….of gaan hierdie dae vanaf hulle salarisse afgetrek word???? Aaaggg! Please!……JUST STRIKE AND JUST LIKE THAT YOU GET AND INCREASE!!!
    and it is EVERY year!….it is pathetic!….and we must just pay pay pay……for what??? …broken roads!….and INCREASES!!!

  3. tappe Says:

    Met of sonder n strike die diens bly dieselfde!!!!!

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