Wavecrest voting station totally inadequate

Voters in Wavecrest, who are predominantly elderly people  have to traipse through a field near the NG Church to get to the IEC tent to vote.

ward 8 voting station

The Ward 8 voting station has been reported by the DA to the Independent Electoral Commission as being totally inadequate to cater for the needs of the community, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Even the porta toilet was blown over by the wind during the registration weekend. Luckily nobody was in the toilet at the time.

ward 8 voting station toilet

“Some of our voters need assistance to walk and cannot make it through the field to the voting station.” said Ward Councillor Dave Aldendorff.

“The tent itself is too small and there is no place for voters to wait their turn to vote. If it rains and there the field becomes full of mud on 7 May, we have a real problem,” added Aldendorff.


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