Important voter information

Please remember that the voters’ roll closes at 5pm on the day the President proclaims the election date. Proclamation can happen any time after 9 Feb, so please make sure you register at your CORRECT voting station during the FINAL registration weekend on 8/9 February from 8am to 5pm.

DA honour your past

Please note: You can’t register at any voting station, only the one for the voting district where you live.
To find your correct voting station, call 0800 11 8000 or go to, search for your street address and click the location of your home on the map.

If you can’t register at your voting station on 8 or 9 February, you can make an appointment to register at your local IEC office (contact info at

IMPORTANT: Only SA citizens who are 16 or older and have a green, bar-coded ID book, smartcard ID or valid Temporary ID are able to register. No other forms of ID are accepted. You must be at least 18 on the day the president proclaims the election date to be able to vote in the election.

Please call the IEC call centre on 0800 11 8000 if you have any questions on registration.


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