Can South Africa afford nuclear power?

South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2010-30 for electricity was promulgated in March 2011.

It was decided that the IRP should be a “living plan” which would be revised by the Department of Energy (DoE) every two years i.e. an update is required in 2013.

Since the promulgation of the IRP 2010-30 there have been a number of developments in the energy sector in South and Southern Africa.

In addition the electricity demand outlook has changed markedly from that expected in 2010.


Consequently the Department of Energy have completed an IRP 2010 Update which is available to download.

The public is requested to consider this update and email comments and or questions to The closing date for submissions will be 7 February 2014.

Comments received will be considered in preparing a final draft IRP 2010 Update which will be submitted to Cabinet for final approval by March 2014.

The approved document will then be promulgated and be published in the Government Gazette.

To download the IRP, click here


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