DA celebrates the life of Colin Eglin

colin eglinThe Democratic Alliance is deeply saddened by the passing of Colin Eglin, former Progressive Federal Party leader and stalwart of progressive politics.

Colin Eglin was a remarkable South African of great international stature. His contribution to the defeat of apartheid and a peaceful transition to democracy was profound – he opposed Apartheid for over four decades, served as leader of the opposition twice, and was instrumental in negotiating and drafting the Constitution.

Colin was a founder member of the Progressive Party and later became leader of the Progressive Federal Party. He continued to serve as a member of Parliament for the Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance until he retired in 2004.

South Africa has been deeply enriched by his contribution in public life for nearly 60 years. It is for this reason that Colin was honoured with the Order of the Baobab earlier this year, a recognition which he richly deserved.

We honour his exceptional intellect, his resilient commitment, his unsentimental empathy, and his unwavering perseverance to the cause of democracy in South Africa. We celebrate the life of a truly great South African.

Our deepest condolences to his wife, Raillie, his three daughters, their families and his many friends across the globe.


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