Kouga Municipality in need of change

The Kouga Municipality by-elections which take place on November 27 in Hankey and Humansdorp are around the corner and the Democratic Alliance (DA) is well prepared for the work that lies ahead.

Win Kouga

The DA is concerned about the slow pace of service delivery within ward nine in the Gamtoos Valley, Hankey and will stop at nothing to ensure that the concerns and complaints of local residents are addressed effectively.

Ward nine is located in the Gamtoos Valley in Hankey and this ward was previously governed by the ANC. The councillor, Lulamile Ntshiza, has passed away and this has called for a by-election in this ward.

The slow pace of service delivery in Hankey is one of the DA’s primary concerns within this region.

There are a few toilet facilities (long drops) in one of the locations, Centerton, and many residents have resorted to dumping their excrement in a nearby dam that has accumulated rainwater over the years.

The amount of rubbish that is left unattended to on the sides of local roads and open fields is a growing service delivery concern in the area.

The high levels of apathy and complacency within public servants are unacceptable traits for individuals who have been employed to serve their communities.

The DA is ready to become the change within the Kouga Municipality and has already started making changes by distributing energy saving lights to local resident in Stofwolk, Hankey. We will continue to take action to eliminate local residents’ poor service delivery concerns.

If we win both by-elections in Kouga, we will govern this municipality!

Together we can and together we will.


3 Responses to “Kouga Municipality in need of change”

  1. Alet Says:

    Must I OR can I vote in the by-elections the 27th November?

  2. kougademocrat Says:

    Only if you live in Humansdorp (ward 5) or Hankey (ward 9) Alet

    • Alet Says:

      Ok thank you….now I understand. Please let me know if there is ANY old people OR disabled people that needs transport to and from the voting stations the 27th November. I will come help.

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