Booi Koerat playing referee, judge and jury in Kouga by-elections

The Mayor of Kouga, Booi Koerat, who is one of the candidates in the upcoming by-elections that are taking place on 27 November is insisting that the DA submit all event applications to him.

Otto Williams, Nosimo Balindela and Jan Joy

Otto Williams, Nosimo Balindela and Jan Joy

Following serious intimidation that took place in Hankey on Sunday, where the ANC tried to disrupt a DA motorcade as well as a public meeting, this latest tactic from Mayor Koerat is a clear violation of the Local Government Municipal Electoral Act.

According to the act, the mayor as one of the candidates in the coming by-election, may not control political events in Kouga.

This is a breach of the code of conduct and the Electoral Code of Conduct as signed by both parties on 12 November 2013.

“The Democratic Alliance’s Events Application was tabled at the existing Events Committee on Friday and cleared with the SAPS” said Councillor Ben Rheeder.

The DA received an email yesterday saying that all political events must be submitted to Mayor Koerat for approval.

This illegal process would literally put Koerat in a position of being judge and jury over all the DA events in Kouga, despite the fact that he is standing as a candidate himself in the by-election in Humansdorp.

“The DA has reported the breach of conduct to the IEC and we will not be intimidated by the increasingly desperate tactics of Mayor Koerat and his cronies”, said Elza Van Lingen, the leader of the DA in Kouga.


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