Stop the boers says Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa’s appeals to voters not to “return the boers to power” shows how stuck in the dark ages he is.

The ANC is panicking which is why even people like Cyril Ramaphosa are using the race card.


As Jacob Zuma’s ANC sees its power slipping, it appeals more and more to tired racial insinuations and the supernatural to convince supporters to stick with them.

First it was the fires of hell. Now it is the ghosts of the apartheid regime that are being invoked to scare voters into staying with a party that deserted them a long time ago.

As the ANC retreats into to its own racial laager, the DA is building a non-racial alternative that welcomes all South Africans, black and white, who believe in our vision of an open, opportunity society for all.

All parties have a responsibility to promote inclusivity in their campaigning. We are all South Africans and we are all free to support the party of our choice.

The politics of fear must make way for a new politics of hope. The 2014 election is about everyone who believes in change, young and old, putting themselves at the centre of power by voting in a new government.


One Response to “Stop the boers says Ramaphosa”

  1. Alet Says:

    PLEASE we must ensure that the Eastern Cape province gets taken over by the DA! How many people did we support over the last weekend to get registered?

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