Mo Ibrahim Index: A worrying decline in South Africa

The 2013 Ibrahim Index of African Governance shows a worrying decline for South Africa in most listed categories including accountability, personal safety, public management, participation in human rights and education.

keep calm
The DA will request that Collins Chabane, the Minister in The Presidency: Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Administration, address Parliament on these findings.
It is Minister Chabane’s Department’s responsibility to ensure the South African government’s continuous improvement.
Any downward trends in government should be immediately dealt with and the poor-performer held to account.

The Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Department must not only point out the problems, but also, provide solutions.
According to the rankings released today, South Africa exhibited declines in the following categories over the last six years:

  • Accountability – 9 points
  • Participation in Human Rights – 8.9 points
  • Public Management – 4.7 points
  • Education – 2.9 points
  • Infrastructure – 1.9 points
  • Rural Sector – 1 point
  • Welfare – 0.8 points
  • Rule of Law – 0.8 points
  • Personal Safety – 0.6 points
  • Human Rights – 0.4 points

The DA is pleased at improvements in the following categories:

  • Gender Rights – 8.2 points
  • Health – 6.3 points
  • Business Environment – 5.3 points
  • National Security – 5 points

The DA acknowledges that life in South Africa has improved since 1994, however there is room to do so much better.
South Africa deserves a corruption-free government that delivers jobs and services.
The DA can deliver such a government with the help of South Africa.


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