Council meetings cancelled yet again

This morning, the DA Councillors  received an sms to say that the Portfolio meetings scheduled for tomorrow have been cancelled…..yet again.

da in our future work

This means that once again the role of the DA as the official opposition in the Kouga has been marginalised, as we cannot provide any input or oversight into the affairs of the Kouga Municipality.

What this leads to is an erosion of the rights of voters to have effective governance at municipal level.

The outcome of this chaos is plain to see for everyone. There is sewage running in our streets and onto our beaches on almost a daily basis.

Not a single RDP house has been built since the new ANC led Council took power in 2011 and infrastructure in existing RDP areas is still not upgraded to an acceptable level.

There are frequent power cuts that leave residents vulnerable to their appliances “blowing” and business owners are left frustrated.

Potholes are fixed on an ad hoc basis and no funds are available for the proper sealing of roads.

There are two by-elections that will be held in the Kouga, one in Ward 5 (Humansdorp) and the other in Ward 9 (Hankey).

The very survival of Kouga depends on the DA winning these wards.

Vote DA and play your part in saving Kouga!

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