Public can’t comment on E-tolls

The Internet domains for the Department of Transport (DoT) – and – have been experiencing problems since Wednesday, 9 October 2013.

e tolls

A spokesperson for the department has told MyBroadband that the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) alerted them that their servers were experiencing “technical challenges”.

Sita hosts the Department of Transport’s servers, the spokesperson said.

These problems have hit the department at the start of its period of public comment on its proposed E-toll tariffs which were also gazetted on Wednesday.

According to the DoT, comments must be submitted in writing, with e-mail specified as one of the accepted delivery methods.

However, the address provided by the DoT ( in the government gazette immediately returns the error message “Recipient address rejected: Access denied” when trying to send e-mails to it.

This leaves only fax and conventional post as methods to submit comments until Sita has resolved the issues plaguing the Department of Transport’s domain.

By the time of publication, Sita did not answer questions on the problems affecting the DoT’s servers or how soon they are expected to come back online.

Source: My Broadband


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