Is the ANC ashamed of E-tolls?

It is difficult to see why the ANC is so upset about the billboards that have been erected on Gauteng highways next to e-tolling gantries.

e tolls poster
The billboards carry the message: “E-tolls. Proudly brought to you by the ANC”.
This message is 100% accurate.
E-tolls were conceived under the watch of an ANC Minister, supported by an ANC executive in Gauteng, passed into law by an ANC majority parliament, and signed, sealed and delivered by an ANC President.
So what’s the ANC’s problem with the billboard? Is the ANC ashamed of E-tolls all of a sudden?
It is reported that the ANC has complained about the billboards to the Advertising Standards Authority and the Independent Electoral Commission.
e toll
We say: bring it on. We will defend our right to erect these billboards in any forum the ANC chooses.
The ANC is panicking now because it knows that the public don’t want e-tolls. And with good reason: E-tolls will make people poorer and cost jobs.
The DA stands on the side of immense public opposition to e-tolls.
A vote for the DA is a vote against E-tolls.


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