DA can win Kouga

The DA has requested that Kouga Municipal Manager, Mr. S Fadi provide clarity as to when the by-election in Hankey (ward 9) will be held.

Stofwolk 2013

Viva DA Viva

Should the DA win the ward, Kouga will once again be governed by the DA.

“The stakes are very high and the residents of suburbs like Stofwolk realise that it is only the DA that can provide services and our membership is growing daily,” said DA Councillor Jan Joy.

Over 50 new members joined the DA this week as residents flocked across to the party they believe can make a difference in their lives.

“We are tired of waiting for houses, for toilets and simple things like rubbish collection” said the residents in a petition last week.

“It was never this bad in the past and the residents demand service delivery and will vote for the DA in the by-election” added Clr Joy.

One Response to “DA can win Kouga”

  1. Rose Greyling Says:

    I truly hope the DA wins. I wouldnt like to be at the mercy of the ANC. A solid oppositiion is definately needed to keep them in tow.Thanks for the good work.

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