Crime stats released for JBay

There has been a massive surge in the number of motor vehicles stolen in Jeffreys Bay, while house burglaries remains a problem for residents of the once crime free village.

12 people were murdered during the same time period, up from 8 in last reporting period.

The increase of burglaries of non residential properties (business) in the entire Eastern Cape has also occurred in Jeffreys Bay with the actual numbers increasing from 63 to 95 in the 2012/13 crime stats released by the South African Police.

DA marches in johannesburg

The Democratic Alliance has yet again called for crime stats to be released to the public on a weekly or at worst a monthly basis as it makes little sense to release stats that are in effect between 6 – 18 months old.

401 houses were robbed in Jeffreys Bay from April 2012 – March 2013 with Wavecrest still being a problem while suburbs like Aston Bay, Marina Martinique and Paradise Beach being almost crime free.

A total of 46 motor vehicles were stolen, up from 23 the previous year.

Contact crimes remains a problem in the town as well.

The number of drug related cases increased from 107 to 164, which is a positive sign as it means the Police managed to arrest more people for this crime, than in the previous year.

Drink driving cases was marginally down to 67 cases for the year.

The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) has over the years made strong representations to higher levels within the South African Police for more feet on the ground in JBay.

Until this happens, crime will continue to escalate/remain at current levels in Jeffreys Bay, despite the best efforts of the men and women in blue in our town.


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