Service delivery protests in Hankey

The residents of Stofwolk near Hankey have had enough of the lack of service delivery, which lead to a protest march last week.


The people of the ANC run ward have said that enough is enough and they demand basic services as well as housing that has been promised to them for over 10 years.

DA Councillor Jan Joy says that over 30 residents joined the DA as they now believe that the DA is the only party that can meet their needs.

The poor quality of the RDP houses is another issue residents say is not being addressed. The houses are cracked and leaking according to residents.

Councillor Jan Joy with some of the new DA members

Councillor Jan Joy with some of the new DA members

“There was also promises made that 150 houses in Stofwolk will be connected to the electrical grid but this has also never happened,” said Councillor Joy.

“As the DA we are determined to meet the needs of the people and provide them with service delivery that is a basic human right” added Joy.

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