Port Elizabeth Council meeting postponed due to workers threats

A Special Council meeting of the Nelson Mandela Metro was postponed after municipal staff attempted to hold the Councillors hostage to their demands.

The meeting had been convened to deal with items such as the election of ward committees and the salary increases for library and traffic staff.

“The DA is vehemently opposed to the manner in which the ANC is attempting to steam roll irregular items such as the one on Ward Committees. We have declared our intent to go to court should they proceed with their intentions and we will continue to expose the ANC for its breach of the rules of Council and the rule of law”, said Leon de Villiers, the leader of the DA in the Metro.

da in our future work

“There are factions within the ANC that have no interest in strengthening democracy and upholding the law. They use disgruntled workers to place pressure on Council to make decisions that will have dire financial implications for our Municipality and set a dangerous precedent for our democracy”, added de Villiers.

Last week a meeting of the Kouga Council ended in chaos as the DA Councillors left the meeting after the ANC took an extended caucus and did not return to Council Chambers within the stipulated time as laid down in the Council Rule of Orders.

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