Council meeting ends in disarray

The meeting of the Kouga Council last Friday eventually had to be adjourned after the ANC Councillors took an extended caucus and simply took their time to return to the Council chambers.

know your DA 1

The most important items on the agenda were not discussed after the ANC withdrew the tabling of the draft Annual Report from the agenda.

The DA also objected to the tabling of the Gobodo Report, the KPMG Report and the report from the Public Protector as these items had not been handed to the Councillors prior to the meeting, according to the rules of the Kouga Council.

Councillor Nico Botha argued that it was impossible for the Council to properly apply their minds to the reports as they had never been handed out to the Councillors.

Earlier in the meeting, the Speaker of the Council Magdalena Dlhomo accused MP Elza Van Lingen of illegally recording the meeting.

When asked to supply proof of her allegation, the Speaker proceeded to lecture the members of the public that they will be removed from the Council Chambers if they record meetings, despite not producing any proof to back up her allegation.

ANC Councillor Vernon Stuurman also tabled a motion of exigency, in which he requested a investigation to conducted as he believed confidential information had been supplied to MP Van Lingen in February 2012.

The motion was then withdrawn and apparently the “investigation” will be an item on the agenda at the next Council meeting.


3 Responses to “Council meeting ends in disarray”

  1. Paul Pezarro Says:

    The proceedings of Parliament are not only recorded but often broadcast live on national television. Hansard provides a verbatim record of Parliamentary proceedings. Why should proceedings of Kouga Council not be recorded? By what authority does the Speaker prohibit recording? Would she also object to a short hand writer taking down a verbatim record? It is high time the Kouga administration dealt with the many vital issues facing Council and stopped wasting time on petty, inconsequential matters.

    Paul Pezarro
    St Francis Bay

  2. Harry Says:

    More transparency, not less… They have been elected by the people yet want to keep secrets.

  3. ben Says:

    Ben :
    Nothing new because that`s their trend of doing things, they were led by exsample from their president and his cabinet.The more secrecy the better for corruption and their pockets. Enjoy, your time will run out and at the end JUSTICE WILL PREVEIL.

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