DA to subpoena Booi Koerat

The DA has requested that the Mayor of Kouga Municipality, Booi Koerat be subpoenaed to the Portfolio Committee of Human Settlements of the Eastern Cape Government.

kouga toilet

The Kouga Municipality is failing communities with enormous delays and bureaucratic red tape to obtain acceptable living standards.

The citizens of Kouga are not living in accordance with their rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution for decent, affordable housing and a clean and healthy environment.

The DA wants immediate, quick-win actions to alleviate the abominable housing conditions in Kouga.  The DA has suggested the following:

  • That the MEC for Human Settlements and Mayor Booi Koerat appear before a meeting of the Human Settlements Portfolio Committee to explain what quick wins and immediate plans are in place to alleviate the horrific plight of citizens living in this areas;
  • That immediate interventions be undertaken to clear all building rubble and general litter be cleared within the month;
  • Short term repairs to leaks be identified to prevent sewage constantly flowing in the streets in Stofwolk and Polla Park;
  • Ensure that adequate and reliable refuse removal is afforded to the shack dwellers of Seavista;
  • Toilets be connected to the 450 settlements in Stofwolk; and
  • Immediate grading of roads so that rain flooding is minimised in Stofwolk.

The DA at national level is reporting this disgraceful state of affairs to the Human Rights Commission.  Its time for change in the Kouga.


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